Get political! Open Meeting with Pol.B – Department of Political Education of Student Representative Council at Bauhaus University


06.05.2021, 7pm

We are an open group in the Student Representative Council – Department for Political Education and would like to invite you to get to know each other! We organize talks, workshops, a reading group, are active in university politics, we bring activists together, support other political groups and actors with resources and infrastructure. We want to get to know you and talk about the topics and questions that interest you. Perhaps you are asking yourself: How and where can I get involved politically and get information on politics in Weimar and Thuringia? What is the political situation like in Thuringia? What is the student representative council at Bauhaus and how do they work? How does university politics work? How can I organize something myself? How and where can I start an exchange about international politics beyond Weimar? Or you have completely different burning questions… We have an open ear.

Come by – and if you feel like it, bring your favorite political meme to get to know each other 😉