Fenstern im Lampenschein – Gemütliches Zusammenkommen vor dem Laden

Der Laden

01.11.2020, 16-20 Uhr
Ort: Der Laden, Trierer Straße 5, 99423 Weimar

Rendevouz under lamplight – cozy get together in front of der Laden Wether you are new in Weimar or already here for a while, we want to get to know you. Show you what is happening in der Laden and make plans for future events together with you. Meanwhile we want to have tea with you and enjoy the evening atmosphere in front of the Triererstraße 5. We tranfer the livingroom to the street and you can fall in love with der Laden through a ladder leaning on the window. Besides we bring some intruments, maybe a spontaneous jamsession arises? Come over!
Der Laden is a open space for ideas, projects, exibithions, encounters.
Initiatives from city and university are meeting here, for example the Raumstation, Fridays For Future, Queer ymr and the TransAbinär-Stammtisch.
We are also open to more group plenas/ meetings, which can take place also privately.
Also there are regular exibithions and sometimes readings & performances. Of cause with a hygiene-comncept during corona!
Der Laden can also be rented privately for a soli-price, for exibithions or handicraftmeetings.
Questions: laden@m18.uni-weimar.de
Unfortunately der Laden is not barrierfree, the sidewalk to some extent.